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7 steps for a successful data center migration

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Outsourcing your data center services to a purpose-built data center offers greater efficiency, reliability and security. It also opens new opportunities to connect with an ecosystem of other relevant service providers and partners. If your business is looking to make the switch, it’s important to get the data center migration right. This will make sure you avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary costs.

This seven-step guide to planning your move will help minimize your business disruption

Requirements and Planning

The first aspect you need to remember when planning to migrate your data center into a colocation, is not rack space but a discussion about the company’s IT requirements.


Asset and Application Inventory

Fully understanding your data center needs will be the starting point, but having a clear picture of your IT asset and application inventory as well as of the network cabling plant is just as important.


Planning of New Infrastructure

As you will only rent a part of the entire available floor space, it is difficult to anticipate the availability of additional adjacent space which you might need in the future.

With the inteliPhy net DCIM software from R&M, you can plan, document and report the status of your network.



Once the concept has been developed, it is time to up the beat
and create a day-to-day schedule (including dates, tasks and
contact information) for representatives of the migration team.