inteliPhy net

A DCIM designed for simplicity


inteliPhy net is your easy-to-use DCIM solution for asset, capacity and change management. Reduce deployment time and ensure high data quality of your documentation with great IT infrastructure visualization.

Key benefits:



See 3D views that display everything from a bird’s-eye view of the data center floor


Asset Tracking

Track and visualize relationships between assets


Capacity Management

Availability insights on rack space, power outlets on rack PDU, power capacity at rack, network ports with media and connector match


Connectivity Management

Select any cable connection and get an end-to-end view of the link


Change Management

Coordinate activities across independent departmental resources​


Automated Infrastructure Management

Get an automated real-time view of all links connections, with the AIM package



Display your most useful KPIs and metrics

R&M inteliPhy net DCIM

Simply powerful.

From receiving to decommissioning and de-racking, inteliPhy net is our easy-to-use DCIM software that lets you maintain an accurate inventory of data center assets. It includes equipment in racks like servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels, and also software applications. Furthermore, you can also see infrastructure devices like UPSs and CRAC units.

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R&M inteliPhy net automated infrastructure

Automate the infrastructure with cabling IoT.

Automated infrastructure management automatically detects when cables are inserted or removed and documents the cable infrastructure and connected equipment. Automates the control of network cables so that the data integrity of the documentation is always guaranteed.

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R&M inteliPhy net DC infrastructure

New ways to view.
More ways to do.

Remotely navigate your data center as if you were there. See inside aisle, rows, and racks. View where and how devices are placed and connected. inteliPhy net’s better-stay-seated-and-watch-it-on-the-screen 3D floor map visualizations help you stay on top of your data center infrastructure – without leaving your desk.

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R&M inteliPhy net cabling plant

Put your data and power connections on the map.

inteliPhy net documents your entire cabling plant and maps physical relationships between all IT devices so you can easily see how everything in the data center is physically connected; and it does it down to the individual port level!

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R&M inteliPhy net change management

Automate changes.

inteliPhy net enables you to generate change requests and automate device moves. Maintain a complete audit trail of requests and work orders for compliance. Make your team more efficient with measurable, intelligent processes. Support cross-team assignments and drive the adoption of ITIL compliance.

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R&M inteliPhy net insights

Take action on your insights.

Reporting tools improve visibility and help achieve compliance requirement. Our inventory queries can easily be configured to perfectly display your most useful KPIs and metrics.

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R&M inteliPhy net plan

Efficient ways to plan.

inteliPhy net is designed to support your operation efficiency goals and reduce the number of ad-hoc processes. It provides you with complete, accurate views of capacity, including physical space, and network ports available in racks. You no longer need to maintain a library of Excel and Visio files, nor physically visit the data center.

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