Polaris-box Family

Multifunctional for a flexible fiber optic termination

The Polaris-box family is the new generation of FO-boxes from R&M for a flexible fiber optic termination for indoor or outdoor applications. It extends R&M FTTH solutions in the customer connection segment and its area of application ranges from single-family homes to building complexes.


Polaris-box 4

The Polaris-box 4 is the smallest in the family and fits even into tiny spaces. The basic configuration with one fiber inlay supports up to 12 crimp (ANT) or shrink (HS) splice connections. It‘s hard to believe, but the box offers space for an additional fiber storage under the first insert. If required, a second fiber inlay can be retrofitted.





Polaris-box 6

The Polaris-box 6 is the little all-rounder. The optical distribution box is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The basic equipment of the Polaris-box has a fully integrated fiber management. Up to 12 splice and 6 (12) plug connections with SC, E-2000™ and LC duplex (SFF) adapters can be implemented in the housing.





Polaris-box 16

The Polaris-box 16 is a compact distribution box with plenty of space for additional fiber storage. The swivelling fiber inlay separates the connectors from the splice connections;
this guarantees greater safety for the fiber connections.





Polaris-box 24

The Polaris-box 24 is a versatile fiber optic termination box with a swivel-mounted fiber inlay. It offers space for 12 TPU (Tray Position Units), which can be individually equipped with splice or splitter trays.





Polaris-box 36

The robust and highly compressed Polaris-box 36 is multifunctional. The top side of the fiber inlay has two separate areas for splice and plug connections. On the left side up to 24 FMTS cassettes can be equipped with splice or splitter trays. A maximum of 288 splices can be realized with the 12-fiber 1TPU splice cassette when fully equipped.




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